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Get Social Media issues on the agenda at your next event, and give your audience a relevant, energetic experience that explores one of the hottest topics in winning today's competitive market.

Hilary Carter, Social Media Speaker

Workshop & Keynote Topic Suggestions

  • Raise Your 'Digital Quotient'
  • The Risks & Opportunities of Social Media
  • The Impact of Emerging Trends in Communications
  • Don't Just Survive Digital Disruption – Thrive!
  • Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Next to Social Media, Hilary Carter's favourite amplification tool is the microphone. Coincidence?

From the time Hilary won her first public speaking contest as a student, she's pursued every opportunity to share her message. Combine this passion for speaking with a passion for Social Media, and you have a powerful combination that engages audiences and moves them to learn more about a topic every business today is wrestling with.

Few people can speak about Social Media & Digital Leadership the way that Hilary can.

Since launching InTune Communications, Hilary has advised top diplomats, CEOs, political candidates, and a variety of prominent leaders. 

Her columns on Digital Leadership, Image-Based Communications, Online Branding, and Team Leadership have been published in The Globe and Mail, and further shared on Social Media, reaching millions of readers around the world.

Hilary has been a guest on live radio and a panelist at live events. She has shared her insights with a wide range of audiences, including political campaign staff, boards of directors, networking groups, entrepreneurs and students.

Customized messaging with global impact.

Hilary's message is always customized to meet her audience's needs. She helps individuals and organizations understand the larger, global impact of their online activities... or lack thereof.

The passion Hilary has for Social Media and the opportunities it creates is always conveyed in a fun and enlightening way, with energy that excites audiences.

Hilary is completely inspired to motivate individuals and teams to add their leadership voices to Social Media networks, and she encourages everyone to make their online profiles the very best that they can be. 

She leaves audiences inspired, and fully awakened to the opportunities awaiting them on Social Media.

Your audience will have a whole new understanding of why Social Media really matters to our professional lives, and to our society as a whole.

Add a little energy to your event. Get a ton of value at the same time. 

If you are an event planner or team leader wanting a lively and enlightening keynote for audiences large or small on a topic that everyone needs to know more about, we can deliver.  >> Talk To Hilary About Your Event

The world's most successful people have harnessed the power of Social Media.

Are you ready to become one of them?

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