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Why is Social Media important to my business?

By 2020, 85% of buyer-seller interaction will happen online through Social Media.

78% of sales teams who use Social Media to engage their buyers outperform their peers. And CEOs who use Social Media outperform their peers in every industry.

Beyond these statistics, Social Media creates opportunities for businesses to engage with – and add value to – their audiences, build trust, and shorten the sales cycle.

Why do I need to have a professional Social Media presence?

The world's most successful people are active participants on Social Media. Having a professional Social Media presence is more than just having a digital resume – it's about building your online reputation as a strategic thinker, team builder, and leader.

An active presence on Twitter and LinkedIn opens doors to connect with new audiences and build new communities.

Being visible online adds credibility, demonstrates your professional acumen, and creates opportunities for you to share your culture and values to global audiences.

My company has a mobile-friendly website. Why do we need to be on Social Media?

If your company has a mobile-friendly website alone, you're at the mercy of search engine optimization strategies and email marketing in order to be found.

Email open rates are on the decline. Search engine algorithm changes can create chaos for businesses. The Google Panda algorithm change in 2011 deemed many reputable websites to be spam, forcing businesses to close or radically alter their online strategy.

With the 2015 agreement between Twitter and Google, tweets will be indexed to show up in Google search, giving companies and individuals even more reason to tweet, and to do it well.

Social Media posts are like the bread crumbs that lead your audiences to the digital bakery: your website. Drive traffic to your site using Social Media posts and attract the attention of a community of followers waiting to be cultivated on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

I buy Google AdWords and use email marketing. Why do I need to be on Social Media?

Social Media opens new doors to connect directly with your audiences and to engage with new ones. While marketing and selling are opportunities for businesses, the majority of activity should be focused on relationship building, adding value, and human to human interaction.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are ideal places to network and build new relationships, allowing businesses to interact transparently with their audiences, share their corporate culture, build their brands, and become more visible to target markets.

Validate your audiences by listening to them, and engaging with them on Social Media.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There's no contract to sign, and we will work with a variety of budgets.

It's important for our clients to understand that Social Media communities take time to build, and a lot of patience. It's not a magic bullet for a broken business, but an important tool for promoting a growing one.

Momentum takes time. Testing which hashtags build communities faster takes time. But when all of the strategic components come together, your business will have a stronger digital presence and will be in a better position to communicate its message to global audiences like never before, shortening the sales cycle, and building your bottom line.

I need help setting up Social Media accounts. Can you coach me through this process?

Absolutely! We'd love to sit down with you one on one to effectively set up your Social Media accounts, as well as to teach you about their individual functionality. And we can work alongside you until you feel comfortable managing these networks on your own.

There's a big difference between a Social Media account and a strategic Social Media account. We're here to help you leverage these networks to your full advantage!

Can you train our executive team on Social Media best practices?

We'd love to. Not only can we train business leaders and sales teams on Social Media best practices, we inspire them to become the digital leaders of tomorrow! 

I am attending a conference and need to be live-tweeting and live-streaming. Can InTune help?

InTune prepares you and your team for professional success at industry conferences. We'll train you to become effective users of Twitter and Periscope so that you can connect with other delegates, read their tweets in real-time, and share information in return, all the while positioning your leadership brands to a global audience.

Let us help you understand the opportunities to leverage conference hashtags and demonstrate your professional acumen.

If time is tight, and you're not comfortable live-tweeting yet, we deploy our team members to be your strategic representatives, live-tweeting great content, and making new digital connections on behalf of your brand.

What kinds of returns can I expect for my investment in Social Media?

We understand that Social Media ROI needs to contribute to your bottom line. To begin, Social Media performance indicators need to be aligned with your other business objectives. The important question becomes: What do you hope to achieve on Social Media? 

Are you tracking the conversion rate of people who land on your web pages by way of Social Media networks, or are you tracking the number of new business leads that your Social Media accounts generate? Is your goal to enhance awareness of your brand and open doors to new markets?

Any number of metrics can be used, depending on your goals. From Google Analytics to vanity metrics such as the number of impressions, retweets, likes and new follows, your Social Media ROI is an important component of success.

Which networks should I be using for my business?

Ideally, you should be using the same Social Media networks as your buyers. Are your buyers on LinkedIn or on Facebook? It's important to develop your brand across multiple Social Media channels for maximum exposure, and equally important to devote strategic focus to the networks most actively used by your buyers.

It is our opinion that everyone should be using Twitter to communicate transparently to a global audience, create opportunities to build new markets, and be readily found on Google.

How can I leverage my professional Social Media presence with my company's social media activities?

We believe that leaders are the best advocates of their brand. By being fully committed to sharing your company's Social Media posts and supporting its messaging, leaders convey a professional brand that inspires, creates trust, and attracts top talent to your organization.

Executives who have come to terms with the digital imperative are known to be better communicators and leaders, and to outperform their competition. By simply sharing in your company's branded content, executives demonstrate their commitment to working as a team.

Rather than delegating Social Media to someone else, today's leaders embrace it and use it to their professional advantage.

How do promotional posts work?

Promotional posts are cost-effective ways to distribute your Social Media communications to highly targeted audiences. They can be used to promote your business as a whole, or to market a specific product, service or campaign.

Regardless of your objectives, promotional posts are an effective way to tap into the 2 billion+ users on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter combined.

What is content marketing?

"Content Marketing" is the term used to describe the sharing of images, quotes, news articles, academic studies, videos or blogs as a way to engage your buyer, build trust, and add value to their day.

Clictecs describes Content Marketing as “the art of understanding exactly what your prospects & customers need to know, then delivering that content to them in a relevant & compelling way.”

Businesses don't always have proprietary content. They may only have one blog post a month. As a result, it's important to share content from other reputable sources.

As part of our Account Management services at InTune, we select a variety of strategic content that aligns your business with target groups and the key opinion leaders of your industry, and share it across Social Media networks.

What is social listening?

Social listening is an important part of strategic social media engagement. It's the way we stay in touch with what our audiences are saying about our brand and their individual unmet needs. Social listening is a way to leverage Social Media networks for the market intelligence opportunities that they provide.

What is digital leadership?

Digital leadership is the process by which today's leaders fulfill the digital imperative of their businesses. It's a commitment to lead in the digital age, to be an active champion of your company, its culture, and its employees, each and every day, by way of Social Media networks. Digital leadership is a commitment, not a campaign. And the benefits are clear: digital leaders outperform their competition in every industry. 

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a way to connect instantly to digital conversations and communities of interest. Hashtags are particularly useful in connecting with others during live events, such as conferences, news broadcasts, and to add your leadership voice to a discussion taking place online. With a strategic hashtag, it's possible to communicate to a global audience without having a single follower on Twitter.

What is a strategic hashtag?

The world's most successful people have harnessed the power of Social Media.

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