Social Media Consulting Services

Our range of services are designed to meet any number of Social Media objectives. We'll create and/or implement the digital strategies that will best meet your individual or business needs. Whether you need a little – or a lot of – help in achieving an enhanced online presence, or a more digitally savvy team, we'd be delighted to work with you. 

Account Management | Your Partner on Social Media

For businesses & individuals seeking professionally managed Social Media accounts, InTune offers both discretionary & client-directed Account Management services. We curate and post the most suitable content from reputable sources, engage with the content of your audiences, and creatively re-purpose proprietary content so that your business has something to share every day, giving you the opportunity to broadcast your brand message to new audiences, and build new relationships.  >> Learn More

Competitive Analysis & Strategy Creation | Your Partner in Branding

InTune aligns with your business to create communication & engagement strategies on Social Media networks for the purpose brand-building, business development, & driving traffic to your website. We conduct industry-specific Competitive Social Media Analyses so that your business knows exactly where it stands vis-à-vis your competition. Then, we design a strategy that sets you up for success, incorporating best practices and insights that will help to drive engagement and build your community.  >> Learn More

Executive Coaching | Helping Executives Become Digital Leaders

We work with CEOs, C-Suite executives, sales team leaders, political candidates, entrepreneurs and community leaders to become more fluent and effective communicators on digital networks. We help raise the "Digital Quotient" of today's leaders so that they outperform their competitors, build their leadership brands, attract top talent to their organizations, and retain the employees that they value the most.  >> Learn More

HR Consulting | Hire the Right Social Media Expert

If you're a Human Resources Executive with a mandate to hire a Social Media Manager, we can help. We partner with you through every step of the process, from the job description, to selecting a short list of candidates, to researching and interviewing finalists. We know what top Social Media talent looks like!  >> Learn More

Keynote Speaking | Need a Little Inspiration?

Inspire new levels of digital savvy with a lively keynote. Learn about the risks & the opportunities on Social Media & the impact of emerging trends in communications. You'll have a whole a new understanding about why Social Media really matters to our professional lives and where it fits into the digital economy.  >> Learn More

InTune Health | Effective Solutions for the Health Care Industry

Bring your Health Care projects to fruition efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether your project is focused on process efficiencies, medical education & training, product development, strategic communications or patient messaging, we can help.  >> Learn More

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