Social Media Account Management

For businesses & individuals seeking professionally managed Social Media accounts, InTune offers both discretionary & client-directed Account Management services.

What is involved in our Social Media Account Management?

We believe that your business has something worthwhile to share each and every day.

Our Account Management services help you to align your brand with relevant content, communicate your message to new and existing audiences, build trust, and drive traffic to your website.

We will create a Social Media strategy based on the unique goals and objectives of your business, aligning your Social Media communications to meet your needs.

Hilary Carter, Social Media Expert, TorontoThis strategy will involve posting an ideal combination of curated and proprietary content which can include breaking news stories, announcements, industry insights, and your company's core values and corporate culture for the purpose of engaging your buyers.

Once the strategy is approved, we will actively manage the posting of this content to your Social Media accounts, monitoring and evaluating the activity and results.

By sharing great content and applying best practices, we will build a community of interested followers, attract the attention of new buyers, and create opportunities for new business development.

We commit to fully understanding the unique goals and objectives of your business, and to aligning your Social Media communications to meet your needs.

Is this service for you??

If you are a business owner who may not have the internal resources to handle the day-to-day posting, management and engagement activities and responsibilities across multiple Social Media networks, you are in the right place. Our Account Management Service lets busy business owners continue to work on their business, not in it.  >> Talk To One Of Our Experts

Benefits of Social Media Account Management

What are the benefits?

  • Save time & energy
  • Gain insight & market intelligence from savvy, experienced professionals
  • Access the highest standards of excellence
  • Keep on top of changes in technology & best practices

The world's most successful people have harnessed the power of Social Media.

Are you ready to become one of them?

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