10 Canadian Leaders to Follow on #Twitter

Posted Nov 9th, 2015 in General

10 Canadian Leaders to Follow on #Twitter

We’ve decided to shine a spotlight on Canada’s digital elite in the hope that their example will serve as a road map for others to follow.

From government to public service to healthcare, these leaders build bridges and create trust by sharing what they know, and “what’s happening,” on Twitter. 

Peter Aceto - @PeterAceto – CEO – Forbes dubbed him “The Social Media CEO” for being one of the most active, authentic and transparent bank executives on social media. Mr. Aceto, CEO of Tangerine Bank and author of the newly published Weology, doesn’t let a day go by without sharing a multitude of leadership insights, praising his colleagues, engaging with customers, and tweeting his enthusiasm for the professional and personal activities that comprise his day. 

Jeanne Beker - @Jeanne_Beker – Fashion Maven – Given her career as a multi-media fashion powerhouse, it should come as no surprise that Ms. Beker’s passion for fashion extends so effortlessly onto Twitter. Beyond sharing her style columns and public appearances, Ms. Beker engages with her followers, shares joys and sorrows, and gives her beloved dog Gus his fair share of the spotlight.

Chris Boddy - @TPSChrisBoddy – Police Officer – Toronto’s Twitter cop is an international sensation. When his tweet encouraging students to reach out to lonely kids in school cafeterias was retweeted by Katie Couric in 2013, he showed the world that there’s tremendous power in a positive message. Inspector Boddy endears his followers through his humble, engaging nature and a great sense of humour as he approaches the business of keeping communities safe.

Arlene Dickinson - @ArleneDickinson – Entrepreneur – As CEO of Venture Communications and YouInc.com, and a former CBC Dragon, Ms. Dickinson knows a thing or two about strategic communication. Her tweeting style is a mix of business and personal. She wastes not a single character when it comes time to add her voice to important conversations such as pay equity, supporting our troops, and women in leadership.  

Chris Hadfield - @Cmdr_Hadfield – Astronaut Emeritus – In tweeting from space, Canada’s rocket man gave us a window into life on the International Space Station. Back on Earth, Commander Hadfield is still tweeting his passion for space programs, aviation, and capturing the essence of everyday wonders on the ground.

Ali R. Jalali - @ARJalali – Physician – Dr. Jalali has tweeted in both French and English more than 33,000 times. He uses Periscope to broadcast information from medical conferences, and shares content that relates to public health, sports medicine, and patient-centricity. Sharing information based in science is an important contribution to digital spaces, and Dr. Jalali is one of the few courageous physicians leading the way.

Naheed Nenshi - @nenshi – Calgary’s 36th Mayor – Mr. Nenshi demonstrates an enviable Twitter savvy. His electoral victory in 2010 is widely attributed to his astute use of social media. As Mayor, his tweets connect with constituents and support their needs, from retweeting information about local fundraisers and lost pets to tweeting about trade missions. Twitter is the people’s tool, and Mr. Nenshi knows precisely how to use it in their service.

Kirstine Stewart - @kirstinestewart – Media Executive – As Twitter’s North American Media VP, Ms. Stewart oversees the company’s partnerships including TV, sports, music, news and government. Long before Ms. Stewart became the first head of Twitter Canada, she was very much tweeting as Head of English Language Services at the CBC. Her recently published book Our Turn chronicles her career success, and identifies the traditional stereotypes and constraints that have thwarted women’s advancement in the workplace, along with the opportunities for their dismantling.

Don Tapscott - @dtapscott – Digital Visionary – Author of The Digital Economy, Paradigm Shift, and a collection of other works on the impact of the internet and mobile technology, Mr. Tapscott predicted much of the digital revolution that we are experiencing today. He tweets thought-provoking content about the digital age, networked intelligence, Bitcoin & Blockchain technology, along with selfies and images from his world travels that indicate he’s having plenty of fun in the process.

W. Brett Wilson - @WBrettWilson – Entrepreneur – As an investor, philanthropist, part-owner of the NHL’s Nashville Predators, and former CBC Dragon, Mr. Wilson’s tweets tell a story of self-actualization. His core values shine through, never more so than in his use of Twitter to promote his matching of donations to ALS Canada during the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The fact that these individuals share their expertise so freely is a gift to all those simply willing to receive it. Here’s your blueprint, Canada. Now take their lead and get out there and tweet!

Yours in digital,

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