#SocialMedia Doesn't Have To Be Scary

Posted Oct 13th, 2015 in General

#SocialMedia Doesn't Have To Be Scary

There are plenty of things to be frightened about at Halloween. Don’t let #SocialMedia be one of them!

In working with a number of corporate leadership teams, I acknowledge that Social Media can be a daunting concept for the majority of today’s business leaders.

Mention the words Twitter, hashtags, avatars, header images, notifications and so on, and I’ve watched the faces of Managing Directors and Vice Presidents turn as white as ghosts.

Do I think they’re actually scared? Of course not.

I attribute the chill that comes over them to the prospect of allocating precious time, energy, and resources to learning new tools and practices - as well as to a fear of the unknown.

I also understand the skepticism that comes with tools more commonly, though incorrectly, associated entirely with banal chatter and pop culture. The data is only beginning to emerge about the role of Social Media as it relates to the digital economy, and the powerful concept of what Don Tapscott, author of The Digital Economy, calls “networked intelligence.”

Recall that Blockbuster did not have enough data to support buying Netflix.

Recall also, that none of us were born knowing how to ride a bicycle. We learned how to do it.

Like bicycles, Social Media networks are liberating in their simplicity.

They give today’s leaders an opportunity to communicate their mission and vision transparently, to global audiences, and in highly efficient ways. They open doors to new markets, build new networks, and communicate more powerfully than any other communications tool in existence.

Business and personal news stories break on Twitter 10 to 15 minutes before news networks. The presence of an earthquake is more quickly recorded on Twitter than on the United States Geological Survey. This is the power of Social Media in the digital age.

If our kids can learn how, and more importantly, why, to engage with their peers using Social Media, isn’t it time we got up to speed for professional purposes?

Social Media isn’t scary. Opting out is.

Happy Halloween!

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