You've Created A #Twitter Account. Now What?

Posted Sep 29th, 2015 in General

You've Created A #Twitter Account. Now What?

New to Twitter? Not sure what to tweet? Now that you’ve made the decision to join this incredibly powerful Social Media network, it’s time to get it working for you.

Over the past few months I have enjoyed working with CEOs, Vice Presidents and other executives to enhance or create their Twitter profiles. Together, we’ve created complete profiles with avatars, header images, biographies that combine higher purpose with professional function, website links, and Calls to Action.

We’ve reviewed the basic functionality of the network and I’ve shared tips and insights on how to optimize their experience. After just a few sessions, I’ve been delighted to see their progress, and the ease with which some of these new users have taken to the network in their own unique ways.

To say that I am proud of them all would be incomplete; I’ve been humbled by their enthusiasm and willingness to participate.

Here are some of the things that they have done especially well:

  1. Sharing valuable information with new audiences
  2. Celebrating professional milestones
  3. Engaging with tweets of their colleagues around the world
  4. Advocating for a cause
  5. Listening to their audience’s unmet needs
  6. Celebrating their teams
  7. Highlighting their corporate culture
  8. Participating in Twitter chats
  9. Creating awareness for social change
  10. Showing a little humanity along the way

Most of all, I’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the small daily commitment that these new digital leaders have made to communicate transparently and create new and exciting opportunities for themselves professionally, and for the companies they serve.

So congratulations to the wonderful executives and teams that I have worked with over the past many months. You know who you are - and I could not be more fulfilled to have your brilliant voices added to the Twittersphere. Continue to make it better!

I await your tweets, as always, with my Retweet function at the ready.

Yours in digital,


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