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Whether you are an executive looking to establish or strengthen your Social Media presence, a business owner wanting to grow your brand, a facilitator needing to train your team, or a blockchain startup needing to promote your token offering, trust us to be your strategic partner. Your success is paramount to our success. 

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Calling All CEOs: It's time to join #Twitter REDUX

Calling All CEOs: It's time to join #Twitter REDUX

Posted Mar 9th, 2017 in General

Anyone not using Twitter even to access content and conversations directly from their source, let alone to tweet, has failed to recognize, and adapt to, the communications tactics necessary for success in the digital economy. CEOs, this includes you!

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From IPO to ICO: #blockchain’s finance revolution

From IPO to ICO: #blockchain’s finance revolution

Posted Jan 18th, 2017 in General

In my latest blog I write about the intersection of blockchain and social media, and my professional journey from IPO to ICO.

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In today's digital economy, ignoring Social Media is just not an option – but harnessing it can be a challenge for many businesses. At InTune, we create communications strategies on Social Media networks that add value, drive traffic to your website and transition your followers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

We are here to help you and your company achieve a Social Media presence that tells your brand story, attracts top talent and creates opportunities to reach new markets. 

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