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Over 15 years of consulting experience with some of the world’s largest life sciences companies, InTune Health offers unique value to the successful delivery of Health Care communications projects. 

At InTune Health, we help to bring a wide variety of Health Care projects to fruition.

Whether your project is focused on process efficiencies, medical education & training, product development, strategic communications or patient messaging, we help you to meet your objectives while keeping costs under control.

With more than 15 years of consulting experience with some of the world’s largest life sciences companies, various government agencies, medical associations and many Key Opinion Leaders, InTune Health combines strong financial discipline with passion and purpose for health care and health care constituents.

We partner with you to create better health strategies, and better health communications whose scope is beyond Social Media alone.

David Carter, InTune Health, TorontoDavid Carter, CPA, combines his professional accountancy and business restructuring background with the latter 15 years working mostly in Healthcare education and strategy.  Dave’s most recent endeavours have included consulting to the National Institutes of Health (“NIH” - Bethesda MD), the establishment of a US based Non-Profit organization dedicated to vaccine discovery in the area of complex neuro infection, and the building of an Orthopaedic Surgical outcomes and management software business.

Who is InTune Health Right For?

When you work with InTune Health, you leverage business experience first, with a deep understanding of the many dimensions of the HealthCare market space.

We help:

  • Medical Associations
  • Life Sciences (Pharmaceutical) Companies
  • Non-profit Health organizations
  • Emerging HealthCare businesses (platforms, products)
  • Medical Device makers and start-ups
  • Other health-related businesses or consulting groups

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What are the benefits?

  • Access to 15+ years of health care experience
  • Streamlined communications & products/services strategies
  • Direct access to InTune Communications' formula for Social Media success 
  • Focus on value for spend and ROI - Business Management experience first

The world's most successful people have harnessed the power of Social Media.

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