For University Students, Professional Success Begins on #SocialMedia

Posted May 17th, 2016 in General

For University Students, Professional Success Begins on #SocialMedia

Thanks to my internship at InTune Communications with Hilary and Dave Carter, I have not only learned how to effectively manage social media, but I have learned to be fearless when promoting my own professional image online.

As a university student, social media has always been a tool for personal engagement and entertainment. Never did I think of using social media to build my own personal brand. Let me tell you: embracing social media to enhance your professional success should be a priority.

Never before has there been such an opportunity to engage with people working in your field; people who might one day be hiring. 

LinkedIn and Twitter are platforms that have given me the tools to read and post content I am interested in. Showing an interest in your field of study online is concrete, as companies can analyze and trace your passion through your likes, shares, and re-tweets.

Being well read and personally connected to influencers online demonstrates your willingness to learn and gain new skills that will make you a great asset to any team.

It’s all about building relationships, what Gary Vaynerchuk, calls “jab, jab, hook,” the give and receive aspect to social media engagement. In order to make effective relationships in business it is important to show interest and promote other people’s content online so this can be reciprocated in your favour. Someone might be more inclined to grab that cup of coffee with you if you have shown consistent interest in his or her content. 

A strong LinkedIn profile is crucial; it will serve as home base when building a career. Having a professional headshot that reflects your interests and passions is the most important starting piece. Pictures and faces are remembered in today’s fast paced economy, when another user views your profile they are much more likely to remember your name if you have an engaging profile image. 

Twitter is a great place to actively engage in content that interests you. Using it as a professional tool opens you up to industry leaders from all over the world. Taking part in innovative ideas and processes gives leverage to anyone looking to start a career. Using Twitter and LinkedIn in conjunction with each other aids in producing a base you can build your professional-self on.

Both these social media platforms give anyone the chance to share their own ideas as well. Earlier in my internship I wrote an article on the effectiveness Snapchat holds as an up and coming marketing tool. This article was published on InTune Communication’s website and has since been shared on both LinkedIn and Twitter. Not only were my close friends able to read and engage with my ideas but industry professionals liked and shared my piece as well – something I never would have thought possible.

I am so thankful I have been exposed to these social media tools, not for entertainment purposes, but for career building purposes.

Being exposed to new leaders and content in the media field has given me the capacity to understand what I am interested in and what I am capable of.

I no longer dread the family dinners where I am asked the standard question: “what do you want to do after you graduate?” I know what content and which leaders interest me due to my connection with them on social media, and I now have the skills to effectively engage and leave my own mark as well.

Stay connected!

Katherine Lampard

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